Transaction canceled in Brave wallet but is still pending on etherscan

I canceled two transactions in my wallet (it shows “failed” in red script) and a third one is pending in the wallet. So looks like none of my transaction are going through anymore.

I found out that the canceled transactions are still pending on etherscan. So maybe that’s the reason why transactions not going through.

I have already sent zero eth to myself with same nonce and higher priority fees multiple times, but no effrect.

So basically I cannot use etherchain on my wallet now.
Does anybody have a solution?

@rodrige any idea? Thanks

Does anyone have a solution to this problem??? Anyone out there at all?

You cannot cancel transactions there are already submitted to the blockchain. Blockchain transactions are immutable.

Your transactions can be either successful or failed.
If they are pending, the most likely reason is because there was not enough gas fee to give higher priority to the transaction. If the gas fee is not enough the transaction will eventually be marked as failed in etherscan.

You can find more about it at the following link:

Unfortunately Brave cannot help you because the transactions are performed on-chain. Not under control of Brave or anyone else.

I canceled two transactions in my wallet but in Etherscan those canceled transactions are still pending. I’ve already sent several times 0 ETH to my wallet with same nonce of the first canceled (and in etherscan still pending) transaction. And with a higher priority fee. But doesn’t resolve the transaction in Etherscan it’s still pending. Is the priority fee same as gas fee? Because I don’t see any field that shows “gas fee”?

I’m facing similar problem

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