ETH remains in pending status on Brave Wallet

My first ETH purchase and transaction to my Ledger went fine. My second purchase did not. I made the second purchase on 4/15/21. It is still pending today. I’ve searched these forums and others and have yet to find a resolution. At this point I’m ready to exhaust my remaining ETH on gas fees just to get this out of the wallet and literally never use this wallet again. I love using Brave, but considering the support is only handled through these forums, I just can’t use or recommend the wallet any longer. I just finished a transfer from Coinbase to my Ledger with zero issues. There has to be a way to fix this issue in the Brave wallet…

I’ll gladly eat my words if it ends up being something I did wrong. But I’m skeptical as this second transaction was no different than the first one that succeeded.

I don’t use Braves crypto wallet, but it’s a fork from metamask, hopefully that article can help you

@structdjm awesome. Thanks for the link. I’ll report back for others if this helps resolve my issue. I appreciate the response.

Edit: guess I should have checked the link before responding. I’ve gone thru that process a few times, with higher gas fees, but to no avail. It’s stuck in pending cancel status now for about a week or so.

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