Ethereum transaction doesn't succeed


I tried twice now to transact ethereum from my crypto wallet in Brave to another wallet but no success.

I cancelled the first one because I thought I did something wrong with the gas fees.
But the 2nd is taking 8 days now while the gas fee was saying around 11 minutes.

On Etherscan, I can’t even find my transaction.
the transaction keeps getting stuck on Pending and I know the wallet is correct, I copy pasted it and the other wallet is also mine. (Wallet from Uphold)

Thanks in advance,


If it’s stuck on pending it looks like the funds haven’t left the Brave Crypto Wallet as you’re not able to locate it with Etherscan. Have you received coins into your Uphold crypto wallet from other sources?

Brave Crypto Wallet transactions are independent of Brave (company) so I am not sure if Brave support can help as you hold the private keys. But if their wallet has a bug then hopefully they retrieve you funds.

Brave is a great, but you may be better off using the official MetaMask wallet just to be safe.

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