Trackers not blocked by shields on

Description of the issue:
Shields not blocking trackers when cookies are not cleared on

How to reproduce :
Clear cookies → reload → trackers are blocked
Reload again → trackers are not blocked anymore (at least it doesn’t show up in shields)

This doesn’t happen with uBo in Chrome (default filters without Peter Lowe’s [already included at 99% in EasyPrivacy] + EasyList/ublock annoyances).
I’ve got the equivalent filters in shields (default + @fanboynz 's annoyances + ublock annoyances)

trackers in question :

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave:

with cookies in chrome

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Does the ad appear when using a Private window as well? (yes/no)
Not at first load (cookies are cleared), but if I refresh the page, yes

What OS are you using when you see the ad?
Windows 11 22H2

Brave version (check About Brave):

@fanboynz sorry for pinging again, but do you have any idea of what might be causing the issue ?

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