Tracker and Script Difference (Shields)

This is an AMA topic really but it doesn’t fit in any other category so here I am:

What is the distinction between a tracker and a script in how their appear in Brave’s Shield categories? I get that plenty of trackers are scripts and that not all scripts are trackers, but how are they distinguished?

For example, I noticed that “…” (along with several google api scripts) is listed in the scripts section when I have script blocking shields on but I thought google analytics does track users across sites. I assume Brave devs are on the ball and the analytics scripts won’t log user data into google servers for their data mining but I don’t know why they wouldn’t (it seems the analytics collected could be used to find user activity across sites - eg by ip address etc). So I can’t help but wonder how a ‘non-tracking’ script is defined vs a tracking script.

A follow-up question is:
If you really don’t want third parties (google or whoever) from tracking you, is having the tracker/ad protection enabled enough or should you also enable script blocking in shields as well?

Side note:
When I went to post in this category, the composer has a message that “Uncategorized as a category is going to be going the way of the dodo” but that doesn’t appear to be the case so I figured I would try my question here as my question doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Bumping. If anyone can answer this (or show me where I can find an answer), I would really appreciate it.

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