To Brave rewards Support

Good day to you Brave Reward Support,
I will like to know what are your intention about correcting the reward of April. Not only me but a lots of peoples didn’t receive the Reward or the incorrect amount. Fake advertising or/and fraud are punishing by laws. Making the bat disperse or not accurate can get you a class action. For my part I will wait your answer of what you will do to fix with out a good explanation and not a prewriting answer. soon i be uninstall Brave if the problem is not fix. That be also making review of my experience on Brave. I be using Microsoft edge reward they pay what you win.

Thanks for your feedback.
We’ve already responded to many users addressing the issue directly and clearly stating that it is being worked on and will be rectified asap. The payout thread pinned to the top of the browser accurately reflects the state of this issue:

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Thank you for your reply i will wait 2 more week to see where the support team is with the problem.

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Today I look at brave and get a good surprise my bat can be clamed. Thank you for you work Reward support.

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