Tipping Brave content creators on mobile browser

First off I apologize if this is redundant but I did my thorough research first and found no clear answers on the matter.

I am wanting to know which of the channels that you can connect to a Brave creators account can be tipped via the Brave mobile browser and the Brave mobile wallet. I cant seem to find any banners for people I know are creators on any of the channels you can connect. Ive been on YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, andTwitter(I did see Twitter is desktop only for tips) but I saw no banner or anything that would point to me being able to tip BAT to the creator on mobile. I have confirmed with multiple people that they are verified and have been so for some time and received tips buy they didnt have an answer for me as far as mobile browser and wallet vs. Desktop tho. If you could offer some insight here J would be very appreciative. Please don’t just post a link to the FAQ section because they dont differentiate between desktop and mobile tipping on there. Ive read thise FAQs 10 times over. Thank you for any help offered on this.

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Where did you get tips from?

What are you talking about? Im trying to tip other people but can’t figure out how to do so through my mobile wallet in Brave mobile browser. I cant find any platform that seems to be mobile friendly for creators to be tipped.

Yeah I totally agree that would be great

What would be great? I see nobody that has any knowledge about this subject is going to give me any definitive answer I guess. I give up then.

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