Cannot tip creator on Android


I follow this creator

I can tip the creator when I use brave on the desktop but not on mobile/android, it says it’s not verified, when I tap to refresh status it just “refreshes” forever

I thought of moving my BAT to the desktop and tipping him there but apparently “moving” is not possible

Please fix this or give me a way to tip verified twitch creators with my mobile BAT

I call this the Schrodingers Brave Creator, verified, and yet, not verified, at the same time

Hi @Firehawk, this creator still needs to verify their channel in order to receive tips.

If you really want to help you should’ve at least read the question. I said that the creator is verified and I tipped the creator already on PC but it says not verified and thus I can’t tip on Android. Here’s a photo from what I get on the PC.

Yo dude, on the first screenshot, it detects it as instead of the Creator.

Can you try removing that “m.” from the website link?

I think that is causing the issue.

I had already tried that and also tried checking “desktop site”, it keeps “detecting” as just “twitch”. But thank you for trying to help.

I suspect this has to do with the creators list that brave downloads, maybe my version of the list is way too old, but I can’t figure out where the list is located on android.

There’s a known issue logged for Android, below

I added your +1 on your behalf.

Thanks. Hell this has been going since 2019? I guess I can forget having the issue solved soon.

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