Time formatting on the new tab clock

I’ve seen quite a few requests (going back several years) for a user-defined time format on the new tab page:

I’d also like to add my voice to the ones here, and add that my time format is often not even correct - My new tab clock currently shows 08:29, though the current time is 20:29 or 8:29 PM. I’m also in the UK if the region is still relevant.
I get that this isn’t exactly a major issue, but it would be a nice qol feature to have a functioning clock.


I find programs not following my regional/formatting settings extremely annoying and somewhat insulting. At the very least, something as visible as new tab clock should follow my system settings or allow me to toggle between a 12 or 24 hour clock. Since I’m a software developer myself, I know this is a trivial feature to implement, so please, make this happen and you’ll definitely make quite a few of us happy. Thanks.


I have Brave on two computers and one is a 12 hour clock and the other is 24 hour. The difference is one has a new spell check language added. In my case it is English(Australian) which I moved to the top of the list and I told Brave to display in that language. It needed a restart and the time changed to 24 hours. I haven’t tried other languages such as English(UK). If that doesn’t work, maybe you could put up with Australian; the display seems virtually identical without any obvious changes.


Finally! Changing the display language to English (UK) has given me the 24hr clock as well. It’s weird how such a minor feature is very well hidden away.


I don’t think you should have to select English UK to have the clock on the home page set to 24 hour mode. I want to keep the Browser in English US.

Can we get an option for the clock format in the settings? Either have a checkbox to follow OS’s chosen format or give us a timestamp formatting input box.


I would also like to see 24 h time on the new tab page. I use 24 h time on both Windows and Android.


Yes, please. Seeing 01:00 is such a weird thing to see at the middle of the day for people is some regions.

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The clock format settings would be a nice feature. In the meantime, it still looks like selecting your primary language as from a region that predominantly uses 24hr time works (like English UK or English Australia) at least in Brave 0.73.26 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit) on macOS Version 10.14.6 (Build 18G95). Here’s a shortcut to the settings area:

If that’s not clickable, just copy and paste it into your address bar like any URL.

Now that there’s a dropdown next to items in the new tab page, can we get an option to change to 24H format there?

(Currently only remove is an option)

Just started using Brave today and I’m looking for this feature. Will uninstall if its not available.

Let’s please get this feature done. It’s trivial to implement. Thank you.

I have also reported this previously and it is for sure annoying. I find that many of these types of setting tell us how we want things. I understand the purpose of defaults, but people need to understand that as years move on, those old standards are not so concrete anymore.

To place some real reasoning here, I live in the US. My date/time formatting is “2019-12-26 21:30:39”. The problem this resolves for me is mass confusion on formats. For example, the confusion between 12/10/19 and 10/12/19… is it Dec 10 or Oct 12? When a time says 7:10, is that AM or PM as sometimes that is not in the time stamp? I like to configure my locale to a format that is easy to read and clear, non ambiguous. I understand it is not really a functional issue, but it is an annoyance having to always think first when looking at a time/date stamp to make sure you read it correctly vs having consistency to my actual preference. IT is also worth noting that although the US still uses the AM/PM stuff, there are plenty of business here that use 24 hour time, especially in logs, reports, etc.

I want this too please!

I came to find out how to change this setting. I too want a 24h clock.

Has this been addressed by anyone from Brave? It sucks being totally ignored. It’s been an issue for many for quite some time according to requests for a time format solution on the Community Brave Forum as far as I can see.

Please add this feature.
I also want the clock to be set to 24 hours


a year late, but better than never:

Hopefully the Brave Developers can include the Chrome JS webui/settings/date_time_page_tests.js in a future build

I am from the US and I love the 24 hour clock, just 2 give my 2 cents

Holy poop this is still an issue! Wonder if the devs look up to Chrome devs that have unresolved bug reports over 10 years old!!!

Please, please, please… it’s so annoying not to have a 24h clock.
It shouldn’t be so hard to respect the time format chosen by the user, like all the rest of software does.

Come on Brave give us the 24Hr option. Changing language didn’t work for me.
Most people and countries adopted the 24 hour clock decades ago. Having a 12 hour clock takes me back to the 60’s at primary school!
If you insist on keeping the 12 hour clock at least suffix it with PM or AM…