Time formatting on the new tab clock

I’ve seen quite a few requests (going back several years) for a user-defined time format on the new tab page:

I’d also like to add my voice to the ones here, and add that my time format is often not even correct - My new tab clock currently shows 08:29, though the current time is 20:29 or 8:29 PM. I’m also in the UK if the region is still relevant.
I get that this isn’t exactly a major issue, but it would be a nice qol feature to have a functioning clock.


I find programs not following my regional/formatting settings extremely annoying and somewhat insulting. At the very least, something as visible as new tab clock should follow my system settings or allow me to toggle between a 12 or 24 hour clock. Since I’m a software developer myself, I know this is a trivial feature to implement, so please, make this happen and you’ll definitely make quite a few of us happy. Thanks.

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I have Brave on two computers and one is a 12 hour clock and the other is 24 hour. The difference is one has a new spell check language added. In my case it is English(Australian) which I moved to the top of the list and I told Brave to display in that language. It needed a restart and the time changed to 24 hours. I haven’t tried other languages such as English(UK). If that doesn’t work, maybe you could put up with Australian; the display seems virtually identical without any obvious changes.

Finally! Changing the display language to English (UK) has given me the 24hr clock as well. It’s weird how such a minor feature is very well hidden away.

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I don’t think you should have to select English UK to have the clock on the home page set to 24 hour mode. I want to keep the Browser in English US.

Can we get an option for the clock format in the settings? Either have a checkbox to follow OS’s chosen format or give us a timestamp formatting input box.

I would also like to see 24 h time on the new tab page. I use 24 h time on both Windows and Android.