Anonymous usage metrics option resets every time

Wondering if anyone else had this issue or know of a solution. This is something i have noticed and dealt with for at least a year now and brave is my search of choice so im finally trying to fix it for good.

Every other setting gets saved and remembered except Anonymous usage metrics which honestly seems like an intended mechanic. i do have cookies enabled etc etc. is there a way i can hard code this option into my browser? I am not using brave im using librewolf with brave search as my default.

everytime my browser is closed it resets and sometimes even just immediately after i leave the options page. and honestly it wouldnt be a big deal esp if its something im configuring wrong but having it turn back as an intended mechanic would be kind of off putting. anyone else share this technical problem?

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I’m having this same issue and it’s really annoying. I realize it’s been a while since this was posted - did you find a fix for this? Thanks in advance!

Are your referring to the Automatically send daily usage ping to Brave setting in brave://settings/privacy?

No, every time I use Brave search it gives me the message " Brave Search uses private usage metrics to estimate overall activity and performance. You can turn off this option in Settings." When I click the link and choose to turn off the metrics, go back to search, do another search, the message pops up again. If I click the link again the setting has been lost. Is there a way to make it save the setting? There is no “save” button on the page.

Are you blocking or deleting cookies from at all?

I have it set to block Only Cross-site.