Thumbnails Problems, Websites not loading up previews!

Guys im serius with this post!!!
This is my secon topic here!!!
Its very important !!
Look up in my previous post and solutions from tour team members.
Unfrtunetly thats not working,
After your exellent Brave Browser update. V1.18.75

Thumbnails problems are still the same after using any of. Auto Cleaner/ Tweaker. Like Advance System Care/ CCleaner/ Smart Drive Booster …

Seriously this happens only to YOUR BROVSER nothing helps !!! exept
ADW Cleaner uninstalling all Cleaner

All other browsers works fine !!! with not only one cleaner but feew !!!


Can you please try clearing your cache/browsing data from within the browser itself and see if this helps resolve the issue?

lol ive donte it allready @Matches pleasea can you confirm to me you pass this isssue to Programmers who are actually workinging to improve this Brovser :slight_smile: thnx

I will pass this on to the devs who can take a look at it after the Holidays. And after they’re done with the projects they’re working on.

Or, I’d be more than happy to help you solve this low level issue.
It appears to me that you’re saying that, after using applications like

Then the thumbnails on websites (or maybe just Youtube, you didn’t specify so I don’t know) will no longer load, is that correct? Can you also tell me if you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 7? Does this happen for any reason other than using the above listed apps (or similar)?

@Matches Yes Windows 10 64bit Home thats correct after any of those programs, and on any websites not only Youtube. Im attaching CPU-Z text of my hardware if that helps. Its Laptop.
ASUSROG.txt (76.2 KB)

But if you don’t run those programs, then you don’t encounter the issue?
If that is the case, then you’ll likely need to add the directory Brave is installed in to the list of exceptions on the software you’re using, such that it does not clean out that directory. If you want to clear Brave’s cache/browsing data, you can do that manually from within the browser as stated previously.

@Matches Yes if i do not run this programs everything is OK. Correct It only happens to Brave officiall not to any other browsers :slight_smile: Thats why I`m enoyed :wink:

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