Brave not loading pages

I just recently switched to a new computer and had to download the application again and I noticed there is a problem. I can’t load pages

And when I try signing in to Gmail, I get this:

The private/incognito tab works just fine,
Please fix this!

Can you try disabling all extensions, and clear cookies/cache? @Jojo_Lennon

@fanboynz I’m having the same issue. I can’t even open up the page to manage extensions.

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@fanboynz I have tried what you suggested, and unfortunately I still get the same problem

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I would try in a new Brave profile

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@fanboynz Tried that, still having the same issue

  • Does using a vpn, or a different VPN location help?
  • Also test in Brave Beta, as an option.

Not something specific to Brave; just googling: youtube not showing thumbnail images

@fanboynz I should have stated that it’s not just the YT thumbnails that aren’t showing up, I was using that as an example. This applies to me searching in general, (plus I don’t have a VPN)

The web page appears blank no matter where I go.

@fanboynz Ok I actually removed my extensions this time, (I thought I did) and my browser is working.

Thanks for your help!

Which extension was causing it?

I am honestly not sure, I turned them all off before trying. I think I had adblocker extensions that carried over from my Chrome, one was for YT

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