I have a question about the referral system

I have doubts in question to the referrals, I get the coins only when my referral for 30 days Brave in the name that he completes 30 days of use I receive the coins?

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Thanks for the question @TechTutors, for a referral to count, the users you refer need to be actively using the browser 30 days later.

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But some of my referral on Agust and September completed the 30 days use of brave but till now no confirmed added on my dashboard.

Some time it take much time to verification for referals using so you should wait for your users status. One more thing your referals must verify before showing in confirmed status in your refferal dashboard.

But they use the brave for 30 days already i see it to my stats and almost 3 months now but the verification for referral too slow.

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