The Owner of is blocking Brave - he has a point

In a post over on GitHub, the owner of (a site absolutely vital to me) has posted the following in a long running thread:

Follow up:

I transferred the domains to an account of my friend who had Uphold account, and the transfer has passed.

But when it is payment time (8 Aug), that account has been banned no tokens has been paid.

The explanation of Brave employee was: that account has email in .ru and that why we have right not to pay.

So, I will block access to my sites for Brave again and encourage all the webmasters to do so (especially those who are already in countries Brave has discriminated: currently it is China, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia), just not to support this scamy project which even use nationalist discrimination to make money.

It really falls on Brave to sort this guy out properly. I completely understand his frustration but for me this is a deal breaker and I’m probably going to have to switch to Firefox of most of my day to day browsing if this isn’t sorted out quickly.

It’s a pity, I like supporting Brave, I like the adverts, I’ve even started using 2 of your advertisers based on their adverts on Brave. I’m exactly who you need and you need to make the owner of happy too.

Thank you for sharing. I’ve passed this post along to the appropriate teams for their review. Please note that decisions made on accounts are not shared publicly, so I won’t be able to offer you any further updates on this. I hope you understand.

Kind regards,