My Account Brave Creator is under review no response received

The previous topic was closed without my consent and absolutely without any reason, an answer to this problem, as well as a solution, was not received, why this was done is not clear.

Your account is under review

We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your account. For that reason, we’ve suspended access while we take a closer look. Reasons may include violations of the [BAT grant guidelines.]

We know that this is inconvenient and we’re sorry about that but we’d rather play it safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your account and Brave Rewards.

If you think you know what might be going on, the fastest way to clear this up is to get in touch with us at []where a real human will read and reply to your message.

I am told that there was unusual activity in the account, but apart from logging into my account and tracking the balance change, I did not take any action. This means that if you just log into your account several times a month, then they will be blocked for this.

Perhaps some donations to my Twitter account seemed unusual to them, but as a content creator and owner of the creator’s account, I can’t track these actions in any way, I can’t even see when and how many donations there were, there is only the total amount. And if this really happens, then block controversial donations, why does the content creator suffer?

By writing an explanatory letter to the specified address, an automatically generated response was received, which does not explain the essence of what is happening and in which it is indicated that in any case they will not disclose the reason for what happened.

After reading the forum threads, there was an opinion that I would not receive an answer, the support service would not answer.

I leave this message for information to the rest. At any time, the account can be blocked without any reason on your part and you will lose all funds.

If I am wrong, then tell me why my account was blocked. And how to return access to it and BAT stored there.

Send a DM to @steeven as he asked, so that he can help you.

this was done, but this does not mean that the topic should be closed, since the issue is not resolved until I receive an answer

The staff close topics when they move the conversation to DM, so that the topic doesn’t become cluttered with a bunch of “me too” comments that may or may not have anything to do with the original topic. It doesn’t mean they consider the matter settled.

If it were up to me, every help-request thread that doesn’t provide the basic troubleshooting information would be closed without comment, and users would NOT be allowed to comment on other users’ threads unless they have been vetted. That alone would free up the Brave staff to help those who really want help.

but I don’t want the topic to be closed, I’m interested in knowing and seeing people who have encountered the same problem, and most importantly, if the solution is still communicated to me, or vice versa, no answer will follow, I want to tell the others about it, so that finally at least somewhere there was information on how to proceed, how long it takes and what is the result

I understand, but for account suspensions in particular, the Brave staff prefer to communicate privately to protect the users in question. In all of the cases I have seen in the forums where a resolution was specified, the user violated the ToS in some way and the suspension was permanent. The fact that @steeven is looking into your situation means that you will have an answer sooner rather than later. Work with him.

@astapbander - we do not handle suspensions on Community. I’m not seeing a DM from you, so I’m sending you one now.

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I already sent you information by mail, yesterday

Closing this thread as suspensions are not handled on Community. Please see my DM.

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