The loading of WEB pages is terribly slow

Hello! Since a few days, the loading of WEB pages is terribly slow (more than thirty seconds for a simple page of a newspaper, more than one minute for a simple forum). I emptied the cache, but it doesn’t change anything… Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!



Linux Mint

Which newspaper website?

Hello! When I click for an article, it takes a while

(see total time). From an NZ IP. But it varied from 1000ms-2500ms depending on the location which isn’t too bad to be honest.

Can you test in private window mode, and try Devtools/Performance. Using a VPN will also impact load time.

Hello! Sorry for the delay; small health problem… There has been an update of Brave in Linux Mint. Since then, the download time is back to normal. A good point for Mint as well as for Brave! It is my favourite browser and I would not like to be without it… Thank you very much for your help; it is greatly appreciated! Best regards.

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