The brave wallet pop-up window displaying incorrectly (making confirming transaction barely impossible)

I tried to do some transaction (withdraw some JMPT from staking on JumpTask, to later exchange into MATIC) but when I try to do it the pop-up window for confirming the transaction is displayed incorrectly - it doesn’t fit into browser window, and I can’t scroll or resize it. Resizing website has no effect on it. It’s how it looks:

I can’t change it in any way. The only way to make the transaction work is to move through clickable parts with tab button, but it’s an extremely inconvenient way, which may even need a few attempts to make it work.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue to make the wallet pop-ups work normally?
(I use it in Brave browser, freshly updated, but it didn’t change a thing)

@Lyokoheros , you can try scrolling or resizing it from here brave://

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