Have the BAT payments decreased per ad? Used to be 0.05BAT but now it seems it is 0.020-0.025 per ad?

Seems that since August 5th, for each ad the compensation has decreased by half to 0.025 BAT. Is that the case?


I am from India and me too getting the same. :sob:

mines the same i guess as more people get into it the more they have to manage the supply ? either that or its to stop bots frauding the system

Same it is changed. I am very much sad about it.


I get some ads for 0.05 BAT and some for 0.025. But I am getting similar results since the start.

Yeah but something is changed without notice.

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I think that it has more to do with the value of a BAT token going up.
If an advertiser is willing to pay 0.5 BAT to get in front of your eyes, and BAT is worth $0.20, that means they are paying $0.10 for a shot at being in front of your eyes. If BAT goes up to $0.30 do you think they are now suddenly willing to pay $0.15 to get in front of your eyes with the same product advertisement?

What an advertiser pays in terms of $ is relatively fixed, while the value of BAT is going to fluctuate.

According to my observation different ads are worth different amounts. It’s not a flat rate, since some categories are worth more than others!

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