Thank you guys!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say hello to the Brave community and a big THANKS to the Brave devs ! :slight_smile:
I believe this browser will be game-changing in the internet.
I like to be part of it and overall I like your philosophy !

And for feedback :

  • In the Setting options, I haven’t seen no PROFILE tab.
    So if I want to sync bookmarks & stuff, will I need to “Sync” manually each time ?
    (for ex. between Brave Beta and Brave)
    Wouldn’t it be more interesting to apply sync with a centralized profile ?

  • Do you plan to include other crypto wallet platforms ? Or crypto services related ?
    We recently experienced the Uphold partnership, but I’ve registered in Coinbase few months ago.
    (I downloaded Brave before knowing there was a 10$ or 7$ reward from Coinbase by doing so ! :scream::scream:)

  • As a (further) major digital actor, I would suggest you take a look at ? :wink:

Thank you again !

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Hi @MootMootz! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

The icon on the far right (purple circle) will let you access the profile section.


You only need one Sync chain – you should be able to link all your instances of Brave to this one code.

At the moment Uphold is our only KYC option :slight_smile:

Thanks @Asad !

It figures that when you only have 1 account the profile picture does not appear !
I was lost because of that ^^

And it’s now good with the sync chain ! :+1:

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