Text wrap doesnt work in google sheets

latest version of catalina, latest of brave.

text wrap doesnt work in google sheets!

Thanks for reporting @qaywsx. What happens when you try to enable text wrap? Did it work for you in the previous release?

I just tested on latest version of Catalina and Brave and it worked as expected.

Hi, it seems to work just now.

But the error I got consistently yesterday was that it didnt expand the cells when I hit “wrap” but just overwrote itself so i had a black blob of letters in the cell of stacked words and phrases. Unfortunately I didnt grab a screenshot.
Can report back if it occurs again!

Thank you @qaywsx!!!

Do you have any google extensions installed? @qaywsx

Bug is back!!!

View screenshot, this is how “wrapped” text is displayed!

I dont have any extensions installed. Use the latest of mac os catalina and brave.
Sheet works fine in Chrome.

No extensions by google installed.

Problem is back! Please view screenshot above.

Does the turning off shields make a difference?

yes, that causes/resolves the problem.

I think it’s the Device Recognition setting in Shields specifically. Can you try, on Google Sheets, setting Shields = Up but with the Device Recognition setting to All Device Recognition allowed and see if this resolves the text issue?

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