Text Reflow for Brave android mobile browser

Please add the “Text Reflow” feature to the android mobile Brave browser; it is extremely useful on smart phones, it is the main reason I stick with the Opera mobile browser instead of Brave.

This feature provides the ability to zoom in on small text on the fly on any website and reflows that text so that it says within the left and right side of the phones’ screen. Without this feature (like it currently is), users have to manually scroll from left to right to finish reading a sentence and then back to the left to start reading the next sentence…this is extremely annoying; the Android mobile browser that performs this flawlessly that can be used as a model is the Opera full browser (not mini).

I of course realize that the Brave Android browser currently uses the standard chromium accessibility universal text size adjustment…the problem with this is that different websites use various text sizes on a single page, so one universal text size setting will not work for the entire page. Obviously the universal chosen text size setting attempts to automatically adjust text size on all visited websites, however, many times it does a poor job of this, causing text fonts to spread way out of their animated buttons and boundaries, making the page look goofy or features not functionable…this where it’s necessary to have the universal text size setting be at 100% (normal/standard) but give the option via “text reflow” to quickly pinch and zoom only the small text and have it become large enough to comfortably read without going beyond the edges of the phones’ screen (it reflows the text vertically to stay on the narrow vertically held phone screen while still enlarging the text size).

Actually, this is the reason Opera is my main Browser on Android as well. I don’t understand why other browsers don’t have it.

Yes. Its a good idea. It would be a only text mode to read news