Text bar slow when loading Brave

When loading Brave, the text search bar text typing is delayed.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Click on Brave browser to open.
  2. Start typing in the search URL bar and notice the delay.

I experience the same thing here.

I have another computer with the same Brave browser version and extensions that did not have the issue so I reinstalled Brave and the issue is gone now.

Same problem. Re-install did not solve the problem. Tried opening in Icognito mode, same problem, I’ve got lots of bookmarks. A bookmark
folder with several entries (Shopping, for instance) if selected after loading Brave shows just an empty box for about 20 seconds, then the entries appear and the browser operates normally thereafter, at full speed.
Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3. Problem occurs any time I open the browser.
I also use Chromium as a backup browser. This problem does not happen with Chromium.

Solved the problem. Besides removing and reinstalling Brave, after uninstall I deleted the .config/BraveSoftware folder in my home folder. This meant I had to start with a virgin copy of Brave and reinstall bookmarks, extensions, and settings. Remember, this is Linux, not Windows.

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