Text and images stopped rendering after Ubuntu 22.04 update

This morning I was using Brave normally, all websites where fine.
While I was using Discord, a Ubuntu update popup showed up and I did the update process normally.

When the machine restarted, I opened Brave and this showed up:

I couldn’t read or select texts or images in some websites.

GitHub and Discord where the most affected ones, since text and images where not showing;
Initially, I thought this was a problem in the whole OS, but other programs render text and images fine.
This only happens to brave, even with shield disabled, cached wiped out and on a private window and restarted the computer a few times.

After a few ours, I can see some text on the same websites that where not showing text.
However, images still don’t show up.

I know this is related to the Ubuntu update but it has affected Brave only.

Example of brave community in brave vs in firefox:


I took sometime to see if other people where dealing with this issue.
Turns out that there where many threads already.

For me, the fix was to delete the GPUCache directory and find the switch on settings page that turns off hardware acceleration.

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Worked for me too :slight_smile:


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