Tab sync doesn't work

I want to sync a lot of tabs between two Android devices, but the tabs can’t be found on the other device.

I created a sync chain and scanned the QR and everything worked wonderfully, but the tabs were nowhere to be seen… (I set the data preferences on both devices)

What exactly am I doing wrong or am I not doing anything wrong and just misunderstanding the feature?

I just started a new sync between my PC and Android to sync mostly tabs but they are no synced at all.

nevermind, i just found out that sync tabs don’t really sync tabs. unfortunately the sync tabs function are not live sync, they just have a menu where you can “see” the opened tabs on the other devices and choose to open or not. i wish there was a way to have a live tab sync where all my tabs are the same on both devices but i think that’s not possible.

On PC you need to go to history menu and there are the opened tabs from your other devices.

On android you just go to “three dots” and find the “RECENT TABS” option.

No Real Time Sync or Live Sync.

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What does seem to work like you are wanting, is if you create a tab group and enable the save option on it. Then the tabs inside that tab group are synced live…