Post setting up Sync between devices

OK. I setup the sync and set to sync everythiing, but I can’t see anything loading for both devices showing the same tabs. I want to have all the tabs on my mobile to sync to my new android tablet. Both are Samsung devices. What am I doing wrong? When does the sync start?

@XOO Just to be clear, it doesn’t mirror tabs. So just because you open, close, or do anything to tabs on one device does not mean it will happen to them on the other device.

When it says it syncs open tabs, it means it makes it possible for you to see what tabs are open on other devices. That’s as far as it goes.

About the only thing you might be able to do is to bookmark your tab groups for them to be open when you click on it.

Sync shares passwords and bookmarks across devices as long as you have selected for them to sync in your sync options. When devices are first synced, it adds anything to each device that wasn’t on the sync chain already. Once they all have the same content, any password or bookmark you add or remove from one device will be added or removed from other devices on the sync chain.

History only syncs typed history. This means if I go to Google and search for Applesauce and then click on a link that goes to Walmart or Amazon for a listing on applesauce, this won’t be in my synced history. Instead, I would have had to do something like type in the link for it to show up in the History synced between devices.

Open tabs get synced in the Recent Tabs or Open Tabs part of settings. On Desktop, this is under History. On Android it’s under Recent Tabs in your hamburger menu. Here is where you see tabs open on other devices and you can click to open them on your current.

Hey Saoiray,

Ye, I didn’t mean to imply or expect tabs will open/close real time. My bad. I did expect that tabs would sync once setting up a new device. Bookmarking the whole group is a good idea. Can I bookmark/export all groups in one go to shift to the new device? I think I am mixing words again.

I checked recent tabs. Yep, that would be a mess for me. Bookmarking. Good idea. Thanks for that!

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