Tab Stacking on Android

Still no tab stacking option? I’ve been using a beta build from 2019 for the last year since tab stacking was removed.

How is this still not avilable after almost a year? Like why remove a feature? It makes no sense.

I’m very close to switching to another browser at this point, with this beta build i can’t paste links, I can’t view many images, it is pretty sad.

Should I just switch now? Last I saw this feature was being ‘quicky worked on’ but a year later nothing.

It’s under Settings → Appearances, Enable Tab Group auto creation.

No it isn’t.

When you’re in the tab page, your first picture, press the three dot menu on the bottom right side. There’s a “Group Tab” option where you can create tab groups.

Auto creation will create a tab group if you hold a link you’ll create a new tab group with the original page and the new page.

You can go to settings → Accessibility → Turn off Simplified view for Open tabs

Then when you click on the three vertical dots in the Tab section, you’ll get a group tab option

So again, not tab stacking?

This is tab grouping

I guess… If you be more specific about what you mean, then we’ll be able to help you better.

I posted an image in my second post. Tab stacking.

Here you can see that.

Is that the old card-style tabs from earlier Chromium? Wasn’t that just an alternate way to display open tabs in chromium-based browsers? The tab grouping (it’s called stacking in Vivaldi) lets you group tabs together so that you can open any in your group from the bottom section of your browser.