The Tab view in list form is bad UI

Please for the love of God I don’t know why the recent tab history or the tabs page is shown in a list, instead of the stackable thumbnails

Please create the option for the user to choose which option they like.

You didnt specify your environment and channel / version you’re using.

Okay, I switched off tab Grid mode to check the tab selection behavior of my Brave browsers on Android.

  • Brave Nightly, 1.16.39
  • Brave Release, 1.14.83

Both browsers listed show the tab list in stacked layout [as usual].

Tab (URL) History has always defaulted to a list (and which is the default for every browser I use).

Do you possibly have an oddball flag set?

EDIT: after checking your screenshots again, I’d say it’s possible you’ve confused the two different pieces of functionality

You may not have this, but you should check if you have this option

a) go to Settings → Accessibility

b) is there a setting named, “Simplified view for open tabs”??

If you see that option, un-check it, then restart Brave … tabs should be as “card” layout.