Tab Refresh, why? and where is the off button?

Description of the issue:
When you switch between tabs the tabs refresh…i dont need them to refresh…whatever the reason it isn’t necessary…where, in the settings is a button to turn this off?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open multiple tabs…switch from one to another…doesnt matter which, and the tab refresh that page

Expected result:

I expect to go a tab and it not refresh and the content which was there when the tab was opened is there when i return to it.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

I only have two extensions on the browser and when they are disable nothings changes.
Clearing cache doesnt help
I have checked other threads on this and I am not seeing any resolution except for the cache and extensions idea…which doesnt make sense that those things would cause this…
Thank you for your help.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you please check brave://settings/system and tell me if the Memory saver option is toggled “on”? If so, can you please toggle it off and tell me if this resolves the issue?

Hey there, thank you for the response…that was already off…I added exceptions below that option which actually seemed to fix the issues for specific web pages…but a more general resolution would be cooler.

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