Tab question. Both desktop and iOS

I am trying to figure out how to have same tabs show up after I close Brave and hen reopen it. For both desktop and iOS.

Thank you.

In the settings go to the categorie “Get started” (the first one) and scroll to Get “On Start up” for the browser(-> See my mouse pointer) … just check “Continue where you left off” and all tabs should restore.
Tbh I searched 5min for that settings … just because I didn’t exspect it to be that obvious … I have to say that a catgory “Get started” also doesn’t make a lot of sense to me … I would rename it “General” or something like that.

On iOS there is not setting to control that as far as I know, but it should be the default setting. So on my device tabs restore if I reopen the app.

Hi, @brokenback, and nice sleuthing, @leon0402.

Another option is to right-click a tab you want to be semi-permanent and select “Pin tab.” Looks like this in action:

and results in this:

I don’t know whether you still need to select Continue where you left off or not. I’d try it both ways and see.

It was so obvious that I missed the setting. That did it, thank you.


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