Reopen Tabs with iOS

I ca not figure out how to reopen all the tabs that I had open when I closed Brave. Is that even possible? My macOS does. Thank you.

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Hi @nickdanger - the default setting is to reopen any tabs that were used and not closed from your last session.

However any private tabs that were open will not reappear after closing and starting the app.

Yeah I read that, however it does not work on my iPhone XR nor my iPad Air 2. Macbook Pro, no prob. I was hoping that there would be a work around for iOS. Thank you.

Tabs in private mode cannot be restored since we don’t save them anywhere. If you need your browsing state stored you will need to use normal mode. The main difference between the states is that normal mode remembers your browsing contents, which sounds like exactly what you want. :smile:

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