Tab groups like safari

Hi everyone.
i have one request. I switch to brave last 8 months, ma in my iphone i still use safari, because tab groups. it’s really a feature that i love.
It will be great if brave have tab groups. Thank you.

I agree having this option would be great!
It would definitely make Brave have a cleaner look, less crowded browser bar.

with this i can leave safaridefinitively!

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Wholeheartedly agree! This feature is badly needed in Brave. It makes it easy to not let tabs get out of hand & protect your machine’s memory. Brave’s existing Tab Group feature and existing extensions (like are not getting the job done (and come with additional privacy concerns). If you’re not yearning for it, you must simply be oblivious to what you’re missing out on. I miss it so much that I even looked into better Privacy features for Safari, considering to switch back. Please please please add this.

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