Tab groups on brave

the one and only thing i think that holds this app back from being perfect from my perspective is that there is no tab groups

tab groups is easily the most useful thing in the ios browser and is probably the only reason why i use it over brave for the most part, it helps you be so much more organized. you can have a section for movies and tv shows then have one for books / comics then have one for literally anything else you are in need without having it be a big mess of 25 random tabs not organized at all

the only alternative is to delete the tabs after using it so it’s not messy but that’s just inconvenient because you can lose progress on where you are at and just in general going back everytime to go to that specific website after deleting it is so much more of a hassle than simply having tab groups which in reality isn’t a feature that would take too long to develop

i genuinely feel that 75-80% of all people using this app would heavily benefit from this feature

What a shame, that this feature is still not implemented.