Name/rename Tab Groups

I’m trying to sort some tabs and it would be easier if I could give a name to my groups.

I guess there is nothing not much to say about that… Naming things makes it easier to find them back and deal with them.

I’d love to see this on both Desktop and Browser

I think it would be better for me too.
As this browser grows more and more things will get better.
I trust this browser since the first time I try it.


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Yes, we really need Group Tabs like in Safari 15 - is this on the horizon for Brave?

This is such an amazing feature, game changer when you browse dozens on websites like I always do lol

I’m really missing this in my favourite browser, it’s a must have.

Do you think Brave will release it anytime soon?

@Passenger I’m talking Android. It’s tagged in the topic…