We really need Group Tabs like in Safari 15/16 - is this on the horizon for Brave?

This is such an amazing feature, game changer when you browse dozens on websites like I always do lol

I’m really missing this in my favourite browser, it’s a must have.

Do you think Brave will release it anytime soon?

I guess it’s already there.

As you can see I have an option of grouping tabs on my Android. Probably different on iOS though.
Could you check if any flags related to group tabs at ‘brave://flags’ does the trick?

Brave desktop already has tabs available. If you right click on a tab, you’ll see an option in the popup menu that says “Add tab to group”. Move your mouse over the little arrow to the right and select “New group”. Tabs can be dragged and dropped onto the tab to create a new group. You can even name the group.

You can also hold the Ctrl button (on Windows and Linux) and click on several tabs. Each of those tabs can be added to the new group tab at the same time.

When you click on the little colored ball or the colored name, you can toggle whether the group is collapsed or expanded.

I hope that helps!

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This is so much better to go through history quickly like this:

I really don’t like the existing history in Brave, there’s no such quick-access tab, you have to go through hundreds of lines without clear distinction on which day you’re going through.

Are you wanting tab groups or are you wanting revisions to the browser history? Because I think that’s a different feature request.

@cynical13 Actually, they want both. My silly self saw them and was reading same, but they just had two similar topics but with one saying group tabs and other about sorting on dates. So I went to merge the two. But yeah, their other one is We really need a Brave history tab to be organised by day tabs just like in Safari 15/16 which is what was brought here. sigh

Usually I’m good at it but seems I overlooked this as I went to merge. I’d just delete the post here to reduce confusion, but don’t have that much capability. So yeah, just have this note here.

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Gotcha, thanks! Confused me for a minute, but that’s easy to do on a good day.