Tab bar not always showing

Description of the issue:

When I have opened at least 2 tabs, the tab bar doesn’t always show despite settings that it should.

I can often see in the box with number on (manage tabs in action and address bar) eg 2 to indicate 2 tabs are open but the tab bar isn’t showing.

Opening a new tab will then force it to appear but it shouldn’t be this way.

This happens randomly quite often regardless of number of tabs opened. Other day I had 7 opened and the tab bar didn’t show (7 results I opened from a search).

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Under Tabs section, set tab bar to appear at the bottom
  2. Set Tabs Bar option to “On” so it always appears
  3. Open multiple links eg from favourites, from search engine results etc.

Expected result:

Tab should always show when there are 2+ tabs.

Brave Version:

Version 1.56 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 14 Pro Max, iOS 16.6 (this issue has persisted since iOS 16.1 on iPhone 12)

Additional Information:


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I can’t be the only one experiencing this issue surely.

Issue still continues to persist

Are you perhaps seeing this behavior as you scroll down a page? As you scroll down, the tab bar will disappear until you stop/start scrolling back up the page or initiate some other tab-related action (like opening a new tab, etc).

Hi, sadly scrolling makes no difference. This issue exists randomly the moment a link is opened in a new tab or even if a new tab action is performed when opening a link in another app or shared to open in brave.

Testing on my end over here, I can see the tab strip on the bottom of the page with Bottom toolbar enabled and the Tabs bar set to On.

The only time the tab bar disappears is during scrolling (which is intentional) and simply scrolling the other direction will cause the tab bar to re-appear.

Would it be possible to get a short screen recording of the behavior?

Thanks, I’ll try to do that - anywhere in particular I can upload a video or is anywhere fine and link here? It won’t let me upload here as my screen recording is more than 8mb. In the meantime, I’ve diagnosed it further as to when it exactly occurs ie behaviour - I have a couple of folders in mobile bookmarks that has multiple favs in - when I long press on a folder and select “Open all”, this is when this tab problem occurs. There’s clearly some bug where the tab view doesn’t fully show all the tabs properly unless you tap on the tab bar or open another new tab. It’s an annoying bug to say the least.

You can upload your screenshot to a site like for example and share the link here.

Thank you - here you go:

The tab bar only appears after 10/11s as I’ve tapped the tab bar. The only other way to show all tabs is to hit new tab button. This is a buggy interaction. Tested on my wife’s iPhone and my iPad and the same problem occurs on both devices so there’s some bug in the way Brave handles the opening of multiple tabs from a favs folder with respect to tab bar view.

Hmm very strange. I cannot reproduce this issue on my iPad — for me, the tabs only disappear as I’m scrolling the current page I’m on (this is intended). It does look like your tabs are taking a while to appear and if you are seeing this on your wife’s device(s) as well then there might be something going on under the hood here.

Reaching out to iOS team now to see if anyone has encountered this issue before.

Thank you. The tabs won’t appear unless I tap on the tab bar or open a new tab. The delay you see in the window doesn’t show that I waited 10 seconds to tap on the tab bar in order to show the tabs. It will not show the full tab bar no matter how long I wait unless I manually invoke an action related to tabs.

Out of curiosity, if you were to change your tab layout to be on top instead of on bottom, do you still see the same behavior?

Yeah, same problem occurs.

Was there any luck with trying to diagnose this bug?

Apologies for the lack of response here. It looks like we are unable to reproduce the issue on our end. I have opened an issue for the team to review here:

Thank you. Don’t suppose there’s any debugger I can run to try and diagnose why it’s happening?

Sorry are there any options?

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