I have over 20 profiles and got a new PC. How do I sync all of my profiles at once?


I work online and use different Profiles when working on different Client accounts so that I do not have to keep logging off every site to work on a different Client.

I got a new PC and need to transfer everything over to it from my old one.

I just did a sync of “everything” from Brave on my old PC to the new one using the Sync Code provided, but I only see 1 profile and not the other 20+ that are on my old PC.

This is urgent as I need to keep working, so how do I fix this so that I get all the profiles synced to my new PC?

Thank you.


I wrote 12 days ago and there has been no answer.

Does Brave not provide any support?

Not an official support but you can try copy the files or profiles from

C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data

and paste into your new pc

could you tell me which files you have in that folder. I think I am missing some files and I have problem with braves ads. Maybe there is problem in it

I have 85877 files for a total of 4.06 GB in that folder. I don’t think comparing file for file is going to sort out any Brave ads issues.

Thanks for the help, shockie.

Do I need to transfer or change anything else, or will simply copying those files over do the trick?

Regedit? Brave Settings? Anything?

Thanks again.

I not so sure. you could try copy your profile name folder over to see if it works