Sync extensions across devices

Users who want to sync bookmarks across devices will also want to sync any extensions they have installed.

I have installed a number of extensions via the Chrome store, including a password manager, page zipper, Go Back With Backspace and IBA optout. These hugely assist workflow by speeding up login, reducing ‘next page’ clicks etc. It would be a major irritation to me to have to install these on multiple devices, or remember to add a new one, when it could be achieved via automatic sync.

New users may be prepared to install the extensions once in order to judge the ‘before’ and ‘after’ experience. However, even if they prefer Brave, they may stick with the old browser as the advantage of automatic extension syncing is significant.


Agreed! This will be great. Trying to ditch Chrome :slight_smile:


Example of a user complaining about not being able to import extensions, would likely want to sync extensions too: Brave is not importing settings and extensions from Chrome — deinstalled


honestly love the movement to Block and would love to support this idea and this browser, but without sync I cant use this. I use many devices and they must sync. This browser sitting on the side until it is a productive tool that it is not at the moment.


Well, some of us might want to sync extensions.
I think all sync options should be configurable, so we can sync what we want, and not sync what we don’t want (by category, not each individual bookmark or extension, although if you want to take it that far, sweet!)

Personally, I have some extensions that I only use on certain computers, and several of them are memory hogs, so I don’t want them on all of my devices. This is an annoying thing about Chrome and Firefox, so I just had to enable the extensions I was using at the moment, and disable when done.

Brave would seriously win in this area if they gave us that kind of configurability.


Im glad I lightened my load of extensions not too long ago. This would be a lovely feature though because if I plan to use Brave full time (Which I will be for now until a pain point proves too painful) I use 3+ different instances across multiple devices.

Hopefully this one is higher on the list cause I can imagine there are a lot of people wanting to make the switch, but stuck with everything synced (at least to chrome it sounds like you can export, I am coming from Firefox to give Brave a go :smile:)

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Syncing extensions across all devices is simply must have for any serious browser. And I agree with the “thequestess” - we do not need all extensions on all devices so configurability would be very desirable.

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This is what’s keeping me away. It’s all about seamlessness. People want to stick with Chrome because they have all their extensions finely picked up and fine-tuned. Without this feature, this seems like “just another browser attempt that can’t reach that level of AAA”,

“Just like Chrome, based off Chromium!”

But can you sync extensions like Chrome? No? Man, that would be a lot of time to get those all back.

+1 (+5, etc). This is keeping me away as well. Too many browser instances on too many computers. Trying to keep extensions in sync is simply not something I wish to do manually!

Yes man, we need absolutey this feature!
I can’t imagine to work o relax with Brave without the full Synchronization of Chrome Broswer!
Isn’t there an extension that provide the full Sync for the Chromium based broswers?
I can’t find nothing like that… only bookmarks synchronizer like xbroswersync!
Please help! :worried:

I believe as we make this change together we creating a better world for ourselves ans others! :heart::grinning:

Agreed. This would be great.

Yes, loving Brave. This would make it even better.

Until this is added it only makes sense to have Brave on my main computer along side of Chrome as it is too much added Mindshare to keep track of extensions manually. To be honest, it’s not as bad but also pretty important to be able to sync my Brave browser settings.

Actually, extension syncing is not a good idea. At least not a direct one, because you might not want some extensions on some systems for whatever reason and being forced to use them is annoying as I’ve experienced endless problems with Addons syncing in Firefox across systems. What I’d like is syncing of basically bookmarks for the extensions. So you can always open your own extensions library and pick extensions you want on any of your synced systems in just a click instead of going through each by hand, remembering their names and slowly installing them. You could just open this extensions library and pick which ones you want installed from the list of ones you like. You can technically already make an “Extensions” folder in your bookmarks and bookmark your favorite extensions, but why not make this an integral part of Brave? So you have Google’s extensions library and your own extensions library. This would be a much more flexible and useful method than straight extensions sync which can be annoying sometimes.

Plus 1 on this. If you dont want to sync your extensions, make it an option. I dont mind opting-in or opting-out

Yeah, but having it all on or all off is not really useful either. It should only show what extensions you all prefer to have and then you individually decide per system which ones you want to actually install and use. Either as an user managed synced library or just list of ALL extensions used among synced devices and then you decide which ones to use on which system. I’m still vouching for the user managed and synced library, I think it would be more useful.

Also want. Op-out preferred over opt in, but I’d be ok either way. Password extensions are becoming vital as I’m sure everyone knows. Just switched from Chrome. I only use chrome maybe 5% of the time at the moment.

I’m trying to leave chrome and I also find this an issue. Would be useful to have an option to sync extensions!

For me, this feature is a must have. I am very sad to see that sync features on Brave still leave a lot to be desired. I’ve been 100% Brave for about 2 weeks now, but I’m starting to get a little burned out having to keep my browsers in sync. I really want to love it, but this is a serious pain for those of us that use multiple computers daily.