Sync problems -- folder structure lost, most bookmarks not syncing

Sync between iMac and iOS devices used to work nearly perfectly for years but is no longer working. I am using the current releases of all software on all devices.

First, one iOS device lost all bookmarks. I deleted Brave, reinstalled, re-synced to the iMac but no bookmarks showed up.

Then I realized that the bookmarks on my second iOS device were different from those on the (master) iMac. I had to delete and reinstall Brave there. Syncing this device brought up a subset of my bookmarks in random order and not in the folders that they are filed under on the iMac.

The actual sync process does not work as described unless I delete and reinstall Brave. Only then does it show the “scan QR code” option.

My goal is to have the iMac be the master and have the iOS devices be 100% sync’d but I canno make this happen.

Frankly, I’m bewildered. All help appreciated.

Hi @Fellwalker57, sorry this happened to you! We are working on some major fixes/overhauls to Sync. We’re definitely aware of this bug (as well as others with Sync). You can attempt to recover your iOS bookmarks using this method:

Again, apologies again this happened to you – we’re prioritizing Sync issues now that 1.0 has launched.

Thank you but this approach will not work as the Brave folder on my iPhone is empty.

Look forward to the fix.

It would be useful to have some idea when this will be fixed. I’m finding Brave on iOS almost unusable.
Also the Reward triangle will not go away despite the setting. This looks like sloppy work.

These instructions are incomplete. What do you do after the last step? They also don’t seem to be useful for those using PCs.

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As of today, Jan 12, sync is working better. My bookmarks are mostly but not 100% sync’d and up to date, some that were deleted on my Mac still appear on my iOS devices but this is a big step forward.
Right now I’m prepared to close this topic.

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