Iphone not syncing bookmarks from mac

New folders made on mac are not being synced to my iphone 12 pro max.

Both iphone and mac have the sync bookmarks on

@jfmm I’m going to ask a few questions, including some very basic ones. Don’t take the questions as an insult, I just like to sometimes start at the very beginning and make sure even the simplest things don’t get missed.

  • Are they on the same sync chain?

  • Which version of Brave are you using on each of them?

  • Where are you looking for your Bookmarks? (not to be silly here, but I’ve seen people create folders but didn’t pay attention to the subset they were under. So on Desktop they looked under Bookmarks but then on phone they were on Mobile Bookmarks. Or even others who didn’t click on the little triangle thing to expand options. like you see below:

Photos 3_7_2023 16_05_59

So they’d see the above and say folders not there. But then when click, they’d be like, “Oh…”

Photos 3_7_2023 16_07_15

  • so yeah, I have gotten inside all folders, in fact all the original folders are correct and there, it’s the new ones, it is not updating, that one was created a little over a month ago so I don’t think it is a time issue

Just so yo know, that’s outdated. Current iPhone is on 1.48.1. Sometimes not having it updated and using most recent version can cause issues with sync. Mind giving it a shot and see if you notice any changed?

Just did and nothing! Updated on ios, closed and re openned! Still not the folder I need

@Mattches any ideas why might be an issue with bookmarks not syncing here?

I’ve sent you a DM asking for some information — lets continue the conversation there.

Thank you @Saoiray

Thank you @Mattches just replied with the screenshot