Bookmarks are all gone

Updated Brave and now my bookmarks are all gone - not cool! What happened??

Hi @artandcraft sorry for the inconvenience, is your mobile browser synced to other browsers through Brave Sync?

This just happened to me also. I’m using an iPad; just opened Brave browser, entered my passcode, and all my bookmarks are gone. I do not sync bookmarks with any other device.

Same here, all gone with what appears to be new update, what happened

Sorry for the inconvenience @laxfan1 and @macglc. Would either of you have time in the coming week for a screen share with the engineers? I think it could help tremendously in trying to solve this and we can see what we can recover. Can you both confirm which version of the app you are using?

I unfortunately do not, I was able to finally sync my bookmarks
phone version updated and I lost all of them on there!

  However, I think I just need to remove the device from the sync

and then add it again and it should resolve the issue.

I was using:

Version 1.13 ( iPad Pro 9.7 Inch (iOS 13.2.2)

Please send details as to how a screen share session works.

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When this first happened, I saved the three folders (from my iPad, where they resided) named Brave.sqlite, Brave.sqlite-shm, and Brave.sqlite-wal (all 3 folders had date/time modified prior to the loss of the bookmarks), and sent them to my MacBook, and then saved them in a folder entitled “Brave Backup Recovery,” so that I could try to work with them using instructions at:

I then used Terminal on my Mac per the instructions in that article, and typed:

(cd /HP_Administrator/Documents/Brave Backup Recovery/ && sqlite3 Brave.sqlite “SELECT ZURL FROM ZBOOKMARK” >> bookmark_list.txt)

[The “Hp_Administrator” path was a holdover folder created when I first migrated to my Mac.]. Unfortunately, that has not created a file titled bookmark_list.txt in that Brave Backup Recovery folder, as stated in that article. Did I follow those instructions correctly? Suggestions?

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I was finally able to recover a text version of the bookmarks using the instructions in my prior response, after I moved those 3 Brave.sqlite, Brave.sqlite.shm, and Brave.sqlite-wal folders back up a level into the Documents folder instead of the new Brave Backup Recovery subfolder that I had created.

Again, the instructions are at:

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Thanks for the follow up @laxfan1!

I was able to copy the text into a Word document, then with the use of the space bar and the Return key, they all became links. So I’m busy opening each and re-saving them as bookmarks.

FYI we plan to ship a hotfix release that will restore your bookmarks, the plan is to ship it in 1.14.1
The work is still in progress so no promises, you can track this ticket for updates

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