Brave sync stopped working (a few days ago)

Since two or perhaps three days ago, Brave sync has stopped. What I care about , the open tabs synchronization, is all I care about and that is the only thing that I can report doesn’t work, haven’t checked anything else; The open tabs aren’t being synchronized.

Windows 10, Version 1.61.104 Chromium: 120.0.6099.115

@Gandeloft just a FYI, part of where responses were delayed is because you posted in the wrong category. You’re talking about Sync but you posted under Brave Rewards. (that said, I’m moving your topic to the right category now)

Both devices/profiles are using this? If not, it would help if you would make sure to provide details for all synced devices you are having issues with.

Also, there’s been some updates, so can you verify you’re using the latest versions of Brave and that the issue still persists?

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I couldn’t wait anymore so I uninstalled Brave. Installed it today again and the sync works now again.
One of the devices is an Android.

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