Reset Sync Flag in Brave Windows 10


So stupidly I didn’t read the issue completely in regards to sync not working on Windows 10 and the Brave browser, I have since then and am stuck with Brave opening and closing only. Is there a way to reset Sync back to default and not lose data of my profile.

I’m looking for what options I have available at this moment in regards to the issue I caused by being stupid and not thoroughly looking at the issue of why sync was disabled.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Did you ever get this fixed? Other people are having the same problem.

After some fiddling around, I figured out you can get back in by deleting the Sync Data and Sync Extension Settings folders in Users/yourusername/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/UserData/Default

I was then able to recreate my sync keys and it’s working now. No crashes, and I’m syncing among two PCs and one Android device.

While trying to fix my issue I completely lost my profile so I had to redo a bunch of stuff but thank you for the help.

It was my own fault for not looking into it a bit better. I made a mistake with copying my profile where I had half my profile and the new one that caused my profile to be fubar. I’ve made a new profile since then it doesn’t have everything I had in the profile before but it works.

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