What happened to brave sync?


I just downloaded the new version of Brave and I can’t find the sync feature. Where is it?


Hi @umatbro,
Thanks for reaching out and for using Brave.

This new version is not have Sync feature yet. Still being worked on and in testing phase.

Thanks for your patience.


As a software engineer working on a project used by millions of people, here’s my personal experience:

Never release software that removes existing features for no good reason. People don’t care about improvements, but they will hate you if you remove a feature they use. We’ve been burned by that in the past, and it seems that you’ve just made the same mistake.

IMO, Brave should have waited until feature parity.


Thanks for the feedback @kxlt. Personally I really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

The team is working hard to deliver many features in this new version. Including the cross-platform Sync feature. AFAIK, it’s almost ready and planned for this year (if not changed). :sweat_smile:

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