Surveillance on iPhone Xs?

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iphone Xs

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When I have logged in to my smartphone device a get a suspicious message [see enclosed screenshot] which I didn’t receive when I first used VPN on my laptop!? I presume I’m beeing monitored? How do I really secure my smartphone? (or any device connected to my icloud accoiunt)

I have been censored enough, and I want this to end now, if possible …?

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@TribeTrainer I’m not sure that I remember that appearing on my iPhone when I used it, but this is a generic message. What they are trying to show you is that VPN redirects your internet connection. This is what it’s for. They are letting you know to be cautious as if this is not a program you trust, they could be intercepting your data.

The same truth is in place if you connect to a public wifi connection and all.

Nah. Like I said, it’s just Apple giving you a generic warning to let you know that as you’re rerouting your connection to go through a VPN, you need to be cautious. They are essentially asking if you trust the provider you are about to use.

Is this my answer from my account above?

@Saoiray the peculiar thing is that I never got this message when i connected VPN for the first time on my macbook with monterey OS 12.7? (If I recall correct). This is my opinion should appear regardless of the device you are using …