Unreliable VPN, randomly shutting down, appears active (but shut off)

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):
iphone Xs

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):
iOS 16.6

Detailed description of the behavior:
The VPN can disconnect randomly, without any message. The I had to login to my account to re-connect again. Sometimes I had success, other times I failed to switch on the VPN in the browser. And I couldn’t resolve the problem.

I’ve also experienced trouble using several WIFI networks and the protocol has been BLOCKED totally and I was unable to enter the web at all. Sometimes I’ve been able to resolve the issue by changing VPN zone!? But I couldn’t understand why some VPN zones gave me access, when other zones blocked my from entering the www.

Eventhough I have logged in to the brave account using email, and can clearly see my subscription plan, my browser shows me that my subscription is expired?! [ENCLOSED SCREENSHOT] Note that this was at the same time as the VPN seemed to be active!?

I was able to switch the VPN on in my settings at one occassion, when I couldn’t switch on the VPN in the browser!?

I had a hard time understanding the symptoms, because I couldn’t understand how the issues are dependant on each other? There was no clear causuality to grasp?

When I on the otherhand had a stable VPN on my macbook, it has been a nightmare with so many incidents that I don’t trust the VPN, and I experience malicious incidents that makes the interface unsecure …

picture 1: expired subscription
picture 2: activated VPN with expired subscription

Hi @TribeTrainer - I am very sorry for the delayed reply here. Is this still an active issue for you?

I keep getting “cut off” randomly, mostly on my iphone …by also sometimes on my macbook. On the macbook it’s easily resolved by activating the VPN again.
… but on my iphone I have to go thru the whole procedure with logging in, and also combining this with “restarting” the browser again.

And the VPN interface in the brave browser on my iphone still shows that my VPN expires today!? Maybe this is the reason why it’s so unstable?

When I have got activation through my email, I almost never (more a rule) has been able to turn on the VPN in the browser. I have to (90% of the cases) restart the browser after “email activation”. This is a remaining problem regularly.