Brave VPN confusion

Does the Brave VPN actually work? Because it doesn’t show at the top of my phone like the normal VPN’s do

Just go to and see if your location is changed.

And it doesn’t show up since it does the redirection in the browser itself instead of the device (My guess).

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Yes the Brave VPN does work. On newer iOS devices, the VPN symbol does not stay at the top due to lack of space in the status bar. You can always quickly check to know if the VPN is enabled by swiping down from the top right of the screen to open the control center. You should see the VPN symbol next to your cellular provider or Wi-Fi signal. Another way to check is to open device Settings > VPN where you should see the Brave Firwall + VPN toggled on.

Separately, the blocking is actually happening through all traffic flowing through the VPN and not only within the browser itself. This means that the Firewall will effectively block trackers and unwanted connections throughout your device such as other apps you are using as well as any browser.

Cheers! Shannon

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