Support not answer isues

Jonny Rotten

To:Brave Software

Sun, 20 Nov at 05:02

On Sunday, 13 November 2022 at 14:51:19 CET, Brave Software wrote:

Hello brave team, I didn’t get answer from you about payment issues

Ticket =>165261

Best regards

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Brave Support. Your case number for this ticket is 165261. We typically respond within a few days, some issues may take longer. We appreciate your patience.
In the meantime please check our Community Forum at and our Help Center at There’s a lot of great resources and an active community looking to help.

Brave Support

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It may take a while. Waiting two weeks is not unusual.
I suggest you tag some of the moderators. Maybe they can have a look at the status of your ticket.

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