Support for DNS over HTTPS

When will Brave implement support for DNS over HTTPS?

I can’t give you a timeframe, but we do have an issue open for it on our tracker:


Isn’t it already in?

Chrome Chromium 78 has a flag to enable DoH:

All Brave channels are already on 78 according to GitHub, so you should be able to just hit chrome://flags/#dns-over-https and flip the switch from Default to Enabled.

It’s there but unlike Firefox there’s no way to configure as far as I can see e.g. specify the DoH server to use and what to do when DoH is not available, so for me it’s basically useless as I can’t trust what it’s going to set

It just attempts to use DoH on the system DNS server, falling back to unencrypted DNS if the server doesn’t support DoH.

Ok, so pointless then - shame as I my own DoH server ready to go and then I can dump my VPN as it’s all I use it for.

Roll on Chromium v79 I suppose