Suggestion: Grouping Content Creators to determine monthly donation

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! I’ve been loving the browser and the donation + tipping features are awesome, but the donations still leaves a sour taste in my mouth (tipping is a blast though :smiley:). Right now I feel that certain content creators I tune into aren’t receiving the donations they deserve, while others are receiving too much. I could probably fix some of this by turning off certain content creators but I’d rather have everyone receiving donations to stay in the spirit of what Brave is about.

My suggestion is that donations be made to groups of content creators rather than individual content creators, and then those donations are split further within the group to get the final amount the creator receives. The user would decide what percentage goes to each group (like how we used to be able to pin certain creators in the Muon build), but within the groups it’s strictly about (time watched / total group time watched). To provide a few examples:

  • By default you’d only have the “Miscellaneous” group which would be where all new publishers you visit (whether website or youtuber) would go even after you have multiple groups. This group is also the only one you can’t assign a percentage too, as it automatically sets to whatever makes all the groups add up to 100%. If you never make more groups, the “Miscellaneous” group would get all 100% and the experience would be no different than it is now.

  • In my case I’d have a “Music” group (45%), a “Gaming” group (25%), and then the required “Miscellaneous” group which wold take the remainder (30%). Within the “Music” group I would add content creators as I wish and same with the “Gaming” group. At the end of the month my $5 would be split into $2.25, $1.25, and 1.5 with those amounts then being split between the content creators in the respective group based on percentage watched. For example if I only had 3 creators in "Music" one with 30 Minutes, one with 80 Minutes, and one with 7 hours, the total would be 530 Minutes, and they'd receive .13, $.34, and $1.78 respectively.

I could provide more examples, but they’d all be some variation of the second one. I think the first example is extremely important as it shows that implementing this feature would cause no changes to the UX for current users unless they choose to use the new feature. I’ve discussed this idea previously here and there are some mock up drawings included in that post as well. I got positive feedback on that post and just wanted to bring the idea to the team / community’s attention again as it’s been a few months since it was posted. Looking forward to hearing from everyone :smiley:!

I liked the original post and the reply you got from Jenn. I practically mimicked the same in this topic The panels in brave://rewards/ shouldn't open additional boxes but I don’t think they’re going to budge much on the UI/UX front because it’s very complicated and buggy so to speak for the time being. So to be honest I’m going to remain quiet on this and let them get on with enhancing and make changes along the way when users get annoyed by certain changes.