Brave Utilities Extension released + Feature Suggestion Demo

I’ve just released Brave Utilities Extension, an extension that contains utilities useful when using Brave. You can find it at this link however at the time of posting this topic it’s under review so it may be a few days before the extension is available.

Currently it only has a single utility which is a blocker for those annoying scripts on sites that open a new tab or window when you click. This utility simply allows you to turn on or off new tab creation in your browser with the click of a button. Turn it on when you enter a site that’s known for creating unwanted tabs when you click somewhere and watch as they’re all instantly closed before they even finish loading. Then once you’re done on that site, simply turn off the blocker and the browser goes back to functioning normally.

While the extension may only have one utility right now, it does have a second feature. This feature is a proof of concept for the feature suggestion I’ve made here and here. The current auto donations is not exactly what I want and ends up rewarding my favorite content creators disproportionately. Tipping is a nice feature overall, but requires me to choose the tip and whether it’s monthly or not which isn’t what I originally liked about the experience Brave was supposed to have.

Any feedback on my demo would be much appreciated, as I believe it mirrors the current Brave experience quite closely except for the newly added category feature. You should be able to simply browse normally like you do with Brave, and after a few days you can check the “Rewards” tab in the extension popup to see how X amount of coins would be distributed with this system. You should see that the amount distributed is the same as standard brave payments unless you used the categories. There may be some small differences, such as the fact that my extension only tracks sites and individual youtube channels instead of twitch and twitter profiles as well like Brave currently does. But the category feature would apply to those content creators as well, so I felt it wasn’t worth figuring out how to track them in the demo.

You can create new categories (Categories > Add New Category), edit categories (Categories > Edit Categories), and change which category the current site is on (Categories > Change Current Category). The miscellaneous category can’t be altered and is locked at a percentage determined by 1 - the sum of all other categories.

Do keep in mind that this POC was a bit rushed so there are certain things lacking polish, for example categories can be set to have a percentage greater than 100% (greater than 1 is divided by 100 to allow for decimals or percents, but greater than 100 will cause the issue I’m referring to) which will cause all sorts of havoc in the demo. I don’t really care too much about bugs in the programming as I know there are some (and I’d push out updates to fix them if google wasn’t slowing everything down by reviewing my extension), and instead care a lot more about any changes you think are necessary to the suggestion I’m making.

The goal would not be for the team to use my exact code in Brave, but instead to implement the feature I’m showing off. I hope that having a concrete POC for the idea may help get the point across, as I think it’s a much needed feature that most likely wouldn’t be too difficult to add in Brave.


This is awesome!
Going to install and try it out tonight!

Awesome can’t wait to hear your feedback.

I was just about to post a comment here letting everyone know that the extension is approved by Google so feel free to start downloading everyone!

Hey, please don’t use the Brave logo as the icon for your extension.

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What you’ve requested be changed has now been changed. The logo is now icon128

Due to my extension requiring review I’ve pulled it from the store until this issue is resolved. I’ve just requested the logo be changed, but also wanted to update the extension so some small bugs will be fixed as well (including removing the ability to create a category with percent >= 100). Unfortunately this has to be done as two separate actions both requiring review, so it’ll most likely be a few days time until anyone can download the extension.

Is there anything else you’d like me to change @toml , due to how Google drags out the process I’d prefer to only make one or two more changes to things that aren’t code related.

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For all interested in downloading the extension, you now can! The logo in the store is updated to the new logo, but if you download V. 1.2.0 it’ll still use the old logo (which looks like Brave’s logo inside of an U) for the toolbar. V. 1.2.1 is under review right now and if you download the extension now, it’ll autoupdate once V. 1.2.1 is approved.

V. 1.2.1 is approved and out! Any feedback on the extension / demo would be greatly appreciated as I feel there’s a lot of potential for the brave payment model, but it’s got some glaring flaws at this current time (funds aren’t distributed in the best way + we need parental controls).

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I’d prefer if you called it “Utilities Extension for Brave” rather than “Brave Utilities Extension” — to make it clear that it’s for Brave, rather than being made by us.

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Will do, I went with that naming scheme due to my previous extension “Nimiq Utilities Extension” and wanting to keep it consistent. Name changes are under review.

And again if anyone, especially on the Brave Team, has feedback on the demo I’m showing it’d be great to hear. I’ve suggested the idea multiple times and even gone as far as to create a demo, so if the team is against ever adopting such an idea I’d appreciate being told that so I can stop trying to convince y’all.

I now have more than 50 users on the extension which blows my mind, thanks everyone!

I’m curious whether there is any feedback though. I’ve considered going back and changing how the list of sites is shown (currently everything is just compiled into a big string and thrown into a text area), but didn’t think it necessary as my extension is merely showing a demo of my idea and I don’t expect it to be a permanent feature of the extension.

Are most people using the extension for the Annoying New Tab Creation Blocker or for the demo? Both? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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You should post this to our subreddits /r/brave_browser and /r/batproject - I’m sure you’ll get feedback there!

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Great idea! I’m heading off for the night in a bit, but tomorrow I’ll put up posts in those subs.

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